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The Mobility Summit October 26-27, 2020|San Diego, USA

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The Mobility Hub is at the centre of industry conversations with the most senior executives across the world.

At Reuters Events, we are committed to providing insights and developing partnerships both on and off the stage. The mobility and transportation industries are in a state of global flux. Over the coming months, we will be bringing our community together and delivering a series of webinars, reports, whitepapers, podcasts and latest global news.

Check out our latest updates below. If you'd like to be involved or contribute to the hub then contact us directly

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London Post COVID19: Smart Tech and Harnessing Data for the Public Good

The Greater London Authority and the London Office of Technology and Innovation are to discuss how they will respond to COVID-19 challenges by harnessing data and smart technology for the public good.

This session will be critical in outlining how local government can respond to systemic shifts and use data insights to develop London’s smart infrastructure, inform future policy and build better urban resilience.

As one of the leading smart cities in the world, London’s data sharing and smart city approach will set benchmarks and enable other governments worldwide to follow best practices.

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Automakers & Mobility Electric Connected Autonomous Commercial

In our latest Mobility & Automotive webinar feat. Arrival, IHS Markit and Lukas Neckermann we assess the latest EV and AV adoption rates, infrastructure and investment requirement, user experience alongside connected data and commercial opportunities.

Key topics include:

  • Electric Arrival?  How Arrival plan to make EVs mainstream following their $115 million investment from Hyundai and Kia.
  • Data Sharing & New Business Models: the latest insights on connected EV data and the size of the opportunity
  • Autonomous Adoption: Identifying the key challenges of user adoption in autonomous vehicle use cases and how these underpin business models and investment
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Mobility 2020 – Identifying Mobility Trends & Public Private Partnership Strategy

Identify the most exciting transportation and mobility trends and opportunities for the public and private sector in 2020.

  • The 3 biggest mobility trends for 2020
  • A road-map to delivering Autonomous Shuttles in Helsinki
  • Why Venture Capital must work closely with cities when exploring new mobility options and investment


  • Rene Braun, Senior Venture Development ManagerLufthansa Innovation Hub
  • Dieu Ly Tran, Research & Intelligence AnalystLufthansa Innovation Hub
  • Renske Martijnse – Hartikka, European Project Coordinator for Smart Mobility & Automated DrivingForum Virium
  • Prescott Watson, PrincipalManiv Mobility
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The Impact of Space Data & Artificial Intelligence on Smart Mobility, Transport & Logistics

Transport infrastructure is founded upon the communication of data. With the addition of satellite technology, this can become far more reliable and allow for increased innovation opportunities. Both infrastructure and vehicles alike will exchange large amounts of data allowing them to respond to changes instantaneously.

  • The ESA approach to innovation and how AI & Space Technologies are disrupting smart mobility and transport systems
  • The importance of physical and digital infrastructure in creating sustainable mobility projects
  • Funding opportunities for mobility and infrastructure projects

Presenter: Liz Barrow, Satellite Applications Engineer, European Space Agency

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Making or Breaking MaaS The Business Models & Operating Frameworks for Mobility as a Service

The answers to the big mobility questions MaaS can solve will be shaped by one factor: how we create a sustainable business model for MaaS.

  • Establishing a common frame of reference for MaaS across multiple transport sectors (tolling, public transit, ITS, integrators, payment services, TNCs) 
  • How a community-driven, real-time data application can integrate with public transit data and create value for both public and private sectors
  • How to align stakeholder goals in a manner that balances financial practicality with broad access


  • Tim McGuckin, Founder, MaaS America
  • Yovav Meydad, Chief Growth Officer, Moovit
  • Willy Dommen, Director Technology Services, Auriga Corporation
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Accelerating the Future of Mobility! How to Secure Pilots & Establish Mobility Projects

  • How to Launch Mobility Projects in Sacramento: Introducing the Sacramento Urban Technology Lab and what this means for mobility funding and testing in Sacramento 
  • Investment Strategy: How the City of Sacramento are sourcing investment and incubating mobility technology projects
  • Mobility Innovation Exchange: How SACOG are incubating and launching mobility pilot projects across the Sacramento region and the importance of public/private collaboration in creating sustainable partnerships 


  • Louis Stewart, Chief Innovation Officer, City of Sacramento
  • Monica Hernandez, Director of Innovation & Partnerships, Sacramento Area Council of Governments
  • Chon Tang, Founding Partner, UC Berkeley SkyDeck
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Monetizing Mobility Show Me the Money!

The Uber and Lyft IPOs have place the spotlight firmly on mobility business models. Despite the billions raised, the big questions still remain; where is the long term money in mobility? Can it ever be profitable?

It will tackle key challenges including:

  • Look at financials model underpinning mobility (carsharing, e-hailing, micromobility etc.) services. Move beyond investor subsidies to develop a sustainable business model 
  • Monetizing data: Identify relevant stakeholders (incl. advertisers, insurers, cities, retailers etc.) and evaluate the value of data sets to create marketplace for mobility data 
  • Role of the public sector: Evaluate the value of new mobility services to cities and public transit operators. Understand the role of public private partnerships in delivering MaaS 


  • Jordan Davis, Director of Smart Columbus, Columbus Partnership
  • Sean Hazaray, Head of Karma Mobility Division, Karma Automotive
  • Troy Beetz, Product Development, Karma Automotive
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Webinar Mobility Redefined Blurred Lines in Public Private Transportation

Identifying the business models and platform/ data management challenges underpinning MaaS to find a win-win between the commercial imperatives of mobility service providers and the sustainability aims of the public sector.

Key Topics Include:

  • Enabling a Culture of Data Sharing: Understand how the public sector and transport authorities are creating new regulation for open data sharing
  • Integrated Platform Management: Harness the power of data to optimise routes, distribution and provide commuters with a seamless & personalised mobility experience
  • Creating Trusted Public/ Private Partnerships: Discuss how to work in harmony with the cities and enable integration between public transportation and shared mobility services
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Build the Ecosystem to Deliver Seamless Intermodal Urban Mobility

Cities are striving to create a seamless intermodal transport experience for their citizens whilst mobility service providers are working to develop a sustainable business model for Mobility as a Service (MaaS). Yet, despite the hype, an ecosystem built on data needs to evolve before true MaaS can be achieved. 

  • Unify services through a single platform to meet the multimodal demands of the on-demand consumer allowing shared mobility to compete with private vehicle experience
  • Harness the power of data to optimise routes, distribution and feed real time transportation data to commuters for a seamless transport experience
  • Work in harmony with the cities to enable integration between public transportation and shared mobility services. Create long lasting, win-win partnerships!
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Smart Cities How to Build Urban Investment & Partnerships, Now!

Investment in the smart cities is anticipated to hit $135 billion by 2021 (IDC). However, despite the meteoric forecasts, the investments and partnerships that will deliver growth remain in their nascent stages. 

  • Investment Market Overview: Understand what technologies and projects and investors are backing. Understand the market dynamics to align with prevailing investment trends
  • Finance vs. Funding - What Models Are at Play? Encompassing different sectors, from IoT to energy and multiple financial sources incl. banks, federal, state, bonds and taxes, tackle how to harness the appropriate financial models to pay for next gen tech.
  • Delivering Win-Win Private/ Public Partnerships: Drill down into the details of innovative public/ private financial partnerships to build the infrastructure platforms of tomorrow
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Smart Energy Powers the Urban Sustainability Revolution

For cities and enterprise, sustainability is no longer an option. It is mandatory. But what's exciting is that it’s an impact with a double bottom line; improved quality of life for citizens and employees plus real operational results.

From electric vehicles and smart grid to distributed energy resources (DER), this webinar will tackle the tech and business models revolutionizing urban energy and sustainability. 

  • Electric Transportation: The Blessing or Curse for the Utilities? Identify whether cities are prepped to cope with a proliferation of EVs. Conversely, could EVs hold the key to the future urban grid? 
  • The Urban Smart Grid: Understand how to use IoT sensors and A.I. monitor and fix the grid in real-time. Remove the human and say goodbye to downtime
  • Energy Resiliency: Urbanisation = a huge opportunity for the energy industry. But growth can lead to fragility. Build an energy development strategy that puts resiliency at its core 
  • Distributed Energy Resources: Microgrids promise increased renewables, tariff arbitrage and even energy trading. Get inside the technology and potential ROI/ TCO models to assess the pros and cons of DER 


  • Patrick Kelly, Project Manager, EDF Renewables
  • Greg Thomson, Founder & Principal, GST - Green Solutions & Technologies
  • Gareth Ragg, Founder, IMPACT CITIES
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Urban Mobility on Demand Public and Private Collaboration to Enhance Mobility

Urban mobility requires transformation NOW! Breakdown silos, blur the lines between public and private and drive innovation through ground-breaking partnerships. 

  • Case Study: See how a zero emission microtransit mobility model in the St Louis Area is augmenting urban transportation by complementing traditional public transit and private transportation across the area 
  • Delve into the complexities of Public Private Partnerships (P3s) to understand how the private and public sectors with the help of a third party launched an effective mobility service with no capital investment 
  • Everyone is a winner -Discuss added monetization opportunities outside of the traditional service (i.e. advertising) to boost city revenue whilst improving urban mobility

Speakers Include:

  • Mobin Khan, COO & VP, Downtown STL
  • Mark Minden, Vice President of Emerging Markets, Electric Cab of North America
  • Donna Poe, Executive Director, Downtown Kirkwood Special Business District
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Getting Mobility Right: What Will It Take?

Transportation and mobility are generating incredible amounts of data. From cars to public transport to commuting patterns to roads and weather, this really is BIG data. However, the current fragmentation of the urban mobility ecosystem is impeding innovation and monetization of data.

  • Get to grips with how cities can use data to enhance transportation from identifying road safety hotspots and planning EV infrastructure to retiming traffic and reducing congestions
  • Understand the data sets gathered by the mobility stakeholders (i.e. automakers, mobility providers) and the value these assets have to cities
  • Discover different monetization models for mobility. Can one marketplace really rule them all?
  • Exclusive insights from interviews with key industry players featuring Uber, Lime, LA Metro and Marsh and more.
  • Profiles of leading companies shaping the future of the mobility space including Hitachi Vantara, Mobileye, Moovit, Geotab and Panasonic
  • 9 chapters of exclusive insight into the mobility data marketplace spread across 25 pages
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How Cities are Connecting with Private Mobility Platform Providers to create Application Strategies and Business Models for Maas

With ambitious zero emissions goals to hit, European cities are looking to drive people out of private cars. For this to happen, there needs to be an alternative that is simply better than car ownership.

The central question remains, ‘How can cities and mobility service platforms work together to create mass adopted and sustainable mobility as a service?

  • Hear how the City of Amsterdam and the City of Lublin are creating application strategies and business models for Maas
  • Get to grips with the legislative barriers to entry and open collaboration can help break these down
  • Learn how Moovit are working with cities to remove obstacles to the successful roll-out of sustainable mobility options
  • Discover different monetization models for mobility data. Can one marketplace really rule them all?
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Creating An On-Demand Electrified Mobility Ecosystem: What Will It Take?

The electrification of private cars, commercial fleets and public transportation is inevitable. There’s a global movement for a cleaner, more sustainable world, and EV transport is a crucial part of that vision.

It will take a combination of regulation and incentive to move the world in that direction. While the savings in energy and maintenance already can make the switch to electric cost-effective, sweetening the deal with an incentive makes it an easier decision for fleet operators and transit agencies.

  • Energy and the Grid
  • EVs on the Streets
  • EVs in Shared Mobility Solutions
  • Will AVs become EVs?
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Mobility Data Marketplaces and Integrating Mobility into the Data Economy

Transportation and mobility are generating incredible amounts of data. From cars to public transport to commuting patterns to roads and weather, this really is BIG data. However, the current fragmentation of the urban mobility ecosystem is impeding innovation and monetization of data. How can we Build the Urban Data Marketplace to Deliver Sustainable Mobility as a Service?

Integrating Mobility into the Data Economy

  • Exclusive insights from interviews with key industry players featuring Ford Mobility, Hyundai Motor America, Continental AGand ABI to name a few
  • Profiles of leading companies shaping the future of the data mobility space including Verisk Analytics, Chordant, ConVEx, Ciry Data as s Service, & SharedStreets
  • 7 chapters of exclusive insight into the mobility data marketplace spread across 14 pages
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Smart Cities: Embracing the Urban Data

Data is set to revolutionize the future of cities and urban businesses; from mobility & transportation to energy and the built environment. However, in order to realize the benefits of the urban data economy, public and private organisations need to work together to build platforms and value propositions based on collaboration and openness.

Featuring insights from these leaders:

  • Brandi Braun, Deputy Chief Innovation Officer, City of Columbus
  • Martin Powell, Head of Urban Development, Siemens Global Centre of Competence for Cities
  • Neil Kleiman, Professor of Public Service, New York University’s Robert F. Wagner Graduate School and Center for Urban Science + Progress
  • Jerraud D. Coleman, Deputy Manager, Peak Academy
  • Michael Lake, CEO, Leading Cities
  • Herb Thompson, Senior Strategist, VMware
  • Franco Amalfi, Director of Innovation, Oracle Public Sector North America
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Workshops/Interactive Discussions:

  • Keep in touch with your industry peers through our exclusive interactive workshops, enabling the industry to debate, discuss and plan from the comfort of your home

Product Demonstrations:

  • Product Demonstrations - The Latest in Mobility, Intelligent Transport and Automotive Technology: Hear from leading technology pioneers as they keep you updated on the latest products for 2020 and beyond
  • Public and Private Meeting Service: We will be providing a platform to understand mobility needs and sustainable business models and unite you will the most relevant technology, investor and city partners, to ensure during this time you keep up to date with the latest solutions coming to market

Fireside Chats:

  • CEO / Executive Director Fireside Chat: Join us to hear from leading CEO and Executive Directors as they share their views on mobility, investment and transportation directives throughout the global Covid-19 epidemic.

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