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December 4-5, 2018|Las Vegas, NV


Built on a century of vehicle ownership, North America's urban transport networks are no longer fit to support the needs of today's on-demand economy and connected consumers.

Tackle the crucial technologies and business models enabling a new generation mobile and frictionless urban transportation and commerce solutions. 

Connected, Autonomous, Shared, Electric: It's time to leverage the urban mobility revolution! 

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IMPACT>CITIES is bringing together the stakeholders who need to collaborate to re-invent the urban transportation and commerce. With the autonomous technologies, electric vehicles and on-demand mobility companies disrupting the space at a greater rate than any point over the past century, it will allow all players to grasp how to leverage these innovations to deliver mobile and frictionless urban experiences. 

Here's the companies and senior-level decision makers who will be attending these crucial sessions: 

  • Mobility Service Providers
  • Automakers
  • Transport & Logistics Providers
  • Data Analytics 
  • Transportation/ Fleet Managers
  • Payments Platforms
  • Innovation
  • Digital 
  • Information
08:30 - 09:00
Mobility 2.0: Managing the System of Systems

Roadways, sidewalks, intersections, public transit, TNCs; the mobility landscape is getting ever more complex. This is complicated further as the transport industry pushes forward with autonomy.

  • Explore the role of government, tech providers, automakers and operators in managing the mobility system of systems to create a ‘one stop’ mobility solution.
  • Discover how one of the leading mobility providers works with cities as a trusted private partner to launch new services (i.e. bikeshare) to enhance low emission urban mobility
  • Get to grips with how multi-modal mobility (e-hailing, public transit, bikes etc.) will enhance urban transportation by offering convenience and choice, bringing value to residents and cities alike

Company_Name Robert Kellman Global Head of Government Affairs and Policy for Bikeshare Uber

08:30 - 09:00
Smart Parking: The First Step to Revenue & Sustainability

It’s estimated that 30% of urban traffic is vehicles searching for a parking space. Debate how smart parking can be the key to driving revenue, reducing congestion and changing vehicle usage habits.

  • Maximise revenue by effectively distributing the demand for parking though smart data analytics to make the most use of available infrastructure
  • Debate cutting-edge parking developments beyond sensors (i.e. cameras, wireless, induction loops, smart parking meters) to create a tech roadmap
  • Enhance user experiences (i.e. payments, spot identification, location search, time notifications) whilst also reducing emissions and traffic caused by roaming vehicles
08:30 - 09:00
Shared Mobility & Microtransit: Blurring the Lines of Public & Private Transportation

Urban mobility is in dire need of revamp. With the tech. innovation outstripping implementation, discover how blurring public and private transit can enable rapid service activation at low costs.

  • Get to grips with how a zero emission microtransit mobility model is augmenting urban transportation by complementing traditional public transit and private transportation
  • Delve into the complexities of P3s to understand how the private and public sectors with the help of a third launched an effective mobility service with no capital investment
  • Everyone is a winner -Discuss added monetization opportunities outside of the traditional service (i.e. advertising) and how P3 models can boost city revenue whilst improving the life of citizens at no extra cost to the tax payers

Company_Name Kris Bailey COO Electric Cab of North America

Company_Name Russ Ziegler Strategic Account Manager Polaris

Company_Name Mark Minden Vice President of Emerging Markets Electric Cab of North America

08:30 - 09:00
Mobility as a Service: Possibility or Pipe Dream for North America

It could work in the public transit orientated Europe but is MaaS realistic in the North America’s car-centric cities.

  • Examine the infrastructure and tech platform required to deliver genuine intermodal mobility from sharing data sets to real time updates to system interoperability
  • Drive the shared mobility revolution – Find ways to transform the American traditional mobility from car centric to shared intermodal mobility by enabling access and availability of service

Company_Name Justin Holmes Director of Communications & Public Policy Zipcar

Company_Name Sylvano Carrasco VP Connected Car Getaround

Company_Name Rahul Sonnad CEO Tesloop

08:30 - 09:00
Solving the Final Mile: Urban Transportation in the On-Demand World

The e-hailing and ‘Prime’ Rubicon has been crossed. Consumers are no longer willing to wait. Assess the impact on-demand transit services.

  • Leverage connected fleet management solutions (FMS), incl. diagnostics, workforce management and maintenance to drive efficiency, productivity and sustainability in fleets
  • Create a platform that aligns on-demand services with a sustainable urban mobility network to avoid adding vehicles to already congested cities
  • Understand how retailers and e-commerce platforms are adapting their urban distribution centres and networks to supply the needs to the urban same day supply chain

Company_Name Andrew Savage Vice President of Strategic Development and Founding Team Lime

08:30 - 09:00
Autonomous Vehicles & The City: Real Time Urban Test Bed

Self-driving vehicles are already carrying fare paying passengers on US roads. See how Automakers, Tier 1s, Cities and TNCs need to collaborate on testing today, to take urban AVs to scale.  

  • Create a safe urban testbed for SDCs to evaluate the systems impact and new use-cases arising from this seismic shift in transportation
  • Utilize autonomous vehicle pilots to determine the future of city planning from prioritised lanes and curb usage to parking reduction and traffic efficiency
  • The autonomous future is upon us – Discuss the intrinsic need for collaboration from the private and public spheres to prepare people for AVs – perception matters!

Company_Name Ryan Snyder Principal of Active Transportation Transpo Group

08:30 - 09:00
Sharing Cars for the Sharing Economy

Peer to peer car rental is provides great alternatives to current mobility models and empowers city residents. But what are the real benefits from the P2P car rental model?

  • Delve into the economic impact of P2P car sharing for citizens, how it generates revenue improves residential income and offsets cost of car ownership
  • Discuss the environmental impact of the P2P car sharing model by reducing the number of vehicles on the road and thus Co2 emissions on a city-wide scale
  • Discuss tactics to drive adoption of car sharing services and shared mobility models. Encourage American’s to break from the culture of vehicle ownership

Getaround Sylvano Carrasco VP Connected Car Getaround

Gareth Ragg

Gareth Ragg

Co-Founder & Head of Strategy

UK: +44 (0) 207 375 7555


Thomas Wilson

Thomas Wilson

Co-Founder & Program Director

UK: +44 (0) 207 375 7589


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