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December 4-5, 2018|Las Vegas, NV


Cities and Enterprises of the future will be fuelled by data. Yet today they are merely scratching the surface of discovering what is possible with this data and its in embryonic stage of grasping its value across an organisation. 

But what is clear, the single vendor big ICT approach is dead and interoperability and ecosystems are king. Cross-industry collaboration is required to develop an urban tech platform which embraces innovation and is future-proofed for next-gen breakthroughs.

It's time to start reaping the rewards of the data goldmine. 

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Future cities require infrastructure, and this can’t wait. Tackling the mission critical challenges around 5G/ wireless networks, data governance and cybersecurity IMPACT>CITIES will bringing together the stakeholders who will make connected and seamless urban urban experiences a reality.

Here's the companies and senior-level decision makers who will be attending these crucial sessions: 

  • IoT Platforms
  • Hardware Providers
  • Data Analytics
  • Wireless Carriers
  • Cybersecurity 
  • Smart Lighting
  • Innovation Officers 
  • Digital Officers
  • Data Officers
08:30 - 09:00
Privacy & Governance: In Data Sharing We Trust!

Can your customers, citizens and workforce trust you with their data? In an increasingly data savvy climate, confront the legal, ethical and societal expectations on data collection, storage & sharing.

  • Understand the complex legal and ethical concerns of data sharing within public private partnerships, from data ownership issues to algorithmic bias and propriety data analytics
  • Forget big data, it’s all about focused data. Target which data sets are vital for the solution you are providing to avoid collecting data which is being stored to no avail
  • Put consumers first in your data strategy. Delve into the consumer’s data privacy rights to nullify potential threats to personal privacy posed by smart cities

Company_Name Keikoh Park National Director/Senior Vice President and Global Compliance Counsel JLL

Company_Name Gail Gottehrer Principal Akerman

08:30 - 09:00
Sensor Check: Leverage Existing Datasets to Pick the Low Hanging Fruit

What hardware is already installed? What data is already collected? What is the value of this data? Audit existing infrastructure to see what can be done.

  • Turn dumb data into smart data by examining how better analytics of existing assets can drive real results for new pilots and programs at a low paying point
  • Identify the problem first and work your way back to truly recognise the data sets you need, the hardware required and ultimately who your future partner will be
  • Transform the way city government think. Shift focus from tactical issues to strategic thinking. Move from today’s reactive organization to a high performance one

Company_Name Chris Chiancone Chief Information Officer City of Plano

Company_Name Dr. Luis Taveras Chief Information Officer City of Buffalo

Company_Name Lauren Haynes Smart Cities Product Manager Arity

08:30 - 09:00
A Framework for the Future: The Open Smart City Platform

The single vendor big ICT approach is dead. Interoperability and ecosystems are king. See how to develop an urban tech platform which embraces innovation and is future-proofed for next-gen breakthroughs.

  • Build networks which allow data sets to be leveraged between current and future applications and devices in order to provide real IoT scalability
  • Break through the siloed structures of enterprise and city org. charts. Go beyond immediate needs to build a long-term architecture that can leverage data across all departments
  • Understand the need for platform openness between tech players. Overcome challenges around standardisation and security to create interoperable urban tech solutions

University of Southern California Jerry Power Assistant Professor – Institute for Communications Technology Management University of Southern California

Oracle Canada Franco Amalfi Director of Innovation Oracle Canada

08:30 - 09:00
Living on the Edge/ Head in the Clouds: Powering Real-Time Urban Connectivity

Can today’s urban infrastructure support the explosion in real-time data processing and enable smart devices to make smart decisions on-demand?

  • Build a connectivity framework that supports both high bandwidth cellular/ Wi-Fi and low-power wide area networks (LPWAN) to allow the flexible Edge & Cloud to work in harmony.
  • Understand the different processing power and storage needs for each application to decipher which need to be run on over the Cloud and which can be processed on the Edge
08:30 - 09:00
Smart Lighting: The Gateway to Connected & Seamless Cities

It might seem simple, but grasp how the connected urban IoT starts with smart lighting.

  • Examine how to leverage Lighting as a Platform to deliver IP connectivity across the urban network. Create a base to build the next gen of smart urban services
  • Harness the power of LED lighting to deliver increased efficiency and cost savings to the bottom line
  • Enhance occupational well-being. Discover how smart lighting can deliver a spectrum that improves efficiency, well-being and safety in the workplace
Gareth Ragg

Gareth Ragg

Co-Founder & Head of Strategy

UK: +44 (0) 207 375 7555


Thomas Wilson

Thomas Wilson

Co-Founder & Program Director

UK: +44 (0) 207 375 7589


Purchase the Post-Conference Materials

Event Presentations • Event Audio • On Demand Subscription